Nonprofit Donor software Frequently Asked Questions
To help you better understand our product, we have listed below some of the questions we are asked most frequently about our nonprofit donor software. Our goal is to help in anyway possible during your evaluation to help you to understand everything about our nonprofit donor software.  If you still have questions, please give us a call at 828-264-2577 and we will be glad to answer questions or schedule a free online demonstration.


How hard will it be for my staff to learn DonorExpress Software?
DonorExpress Software
was designed with the knowledge that many nonprofit organizations have volunteers or part time employees entering data. Our donation software is logically designed to minimize the learning curve and allow your staff to quickly begin to enter donors and their donations. Our clients use words like “simple” and “easy” when describing DonorExpress Fundraising Software.

Can DonorExpress  handle all my Donor Management needs?
Donors and donations are the lifeblood of any nonprofit organization and our task is to let each donor know how special they are to us. DonorExpress Software has all the tools necessary for you to manage and respond to those that support your organization in a very personnel manner.

Can DonorExpress Software set up and track Fundraising Campaigns?
The set up for a campaign is as simple a entering a campaign name, start and stop dates and the campaign goal. Then donations can be tagged to the campaign. With the campaign reporting system, you can know at any moment the status of any one or all campaign with the click of a button.

Can specific donors be selected for our Fundraising Mailing?
Fundraising is what DonorExpress does best. Choose from one of three different methods for grouping donor names for targeted mailings. Now your newsletter or special mailings could not be any simpler.

Does DonorExpress  have Management Reporting? 
DonorExpress Software
gives directors a reporting tool that allows critical information to be at their fingertips quickly and in a useable format. With the click of a button, reports can be created that show information on donors, donations, campaigns and memorials. This type of quick information is invaluable to a director trying to make management decisions

Will DonorExpress handle our Memorial and Honorarium Gifts?
DonorExpress Software has a very efficient system for handling memorial or honorarium donations. Not only will the donation be typed as a memorial or an honorarium along with the name of the honoree but also careful attention has been placed on acknowledging the donation to the family. There is also a detailed Memorial Report that tells how much has been given to each honoree and from whom.

Can DonorExpress Grow with Us?
DonorExpress Software comes in four different versions. The Lite version sells for $150 and is great for start-ups, the Nonprofit or Hospice version are our most popular and Enterprise version for organizations with more campaign tracking needs. We make it easy for organizations to migrate up through the different versions of our software. This gives the nonprofit the security of knowing that our software can grow along with them.

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  • "DonorExpress is by far the BEST donor tracking system that we have worked with as a non-profit. The customer service is like no other company. The software is very user friendly and is very easy to manage. I could go on for days about how great DonorExpress has worked for us "
    - Alissa Nelson -
    - Children's Advocacy Center-
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  • “DonorExpress has been a wonderful way for us to record contributions to our park. It was easy to learn and easy to use, and their customer service staff have patiently answered any questions we’ve had.”
    -Nancy Moretz-
    -Green Valley Community Park, Inc.-
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Meet The Makers

DonorExpress Fundraising Software was created by T.S. Marketing, Inc., a database consulting company with years of experience helping nonprofit organizations. We created DonorExpress Donor Software as a tool to help nonprofit organizations build better relationship with their donors and manage their fundraising activities. DonorExpress Donation Software is our way of giving back to the nonprofit community.

Software Designed for the User

Fundraising software is often designed built by developers that never actually use their products. The donation software is very detailed with all the bells and whistles, but it is a nightmare for the average user to learn and use. The developers and staff at DonorExpress Donation Software have been building user friendly nonprofit software since 1992 and have put this knowledge into practice with our donor tracking software.


Return On Investment

DonorExpress Software can help you generate many times it's cost in increased revenue for your organization. That's an easy claim for us to make because our donation tracking software costs so little. Most organizations find that they can easily raise enough money to cover the cost of DonorExpress Nonprofit Software and still make thousands of dollars for their organization with their first fundraising campaign.

Pick From Four Versions


Is DonorExpress Software Right for You

This is the million dollar question and of course our answer is yes. But the reality is that there is not one donor management software that fits the needs of all non-profit organizations. When shopping for fundraising software, there are many things to consider. What is your budget for donor software? What are your needs now and in the near future? Who is company that supports the nonprofit software and will you get the support you need? Only you can answer these questions. Remember that just because another nonprofit uses a product or because it cost a lot of money, does not make it the best software application for you. Download a free fully functional evaluation copy of DonorExpress Donor Software and see for yourself how our donation software can work for you.

"Our domestic violence program in North Carolina has been using DonorExpress since 1992 and our local contributions have steadily increase each year. We are able to more effectively solicit support in the local community and can maintain detailed information about our Sponsors. The DonorExpress Database will be the best investment that you could make for your agency. "

- Jennifer Herman -
- Oasis, Inc.-


"I am so grateful to have such a useful tool (and such a friendly and helpful company) to help us navigate these financially challenging times. DonorExpress Software is a large part of our financial success."

-Jennifer Grubbs-
-Western Youth Network -

"DonorExpress is just what we needed for our church! It is a user-friendly, versatile tool for keeping records of contributions, printing statements, and more. Besides all of the very practical and easy-to-use features of DonorExpress, I am thrilled with the personal, attentive service I received as I learned to use the product. This program is a must for non-profit organizations that want to keep accurate and accessible records."

- Marianne Romanat -
- FaithBridge United Methodist Church -